Musicianship (ages 5 & 6)

Gain confidence by improvising and creating music.  Image by Andreas Grieger

Gain confidence by improvising and creating music. Image by Andreas Grieger


An inspiring course offering comprehensive music learning, with strong benefits before starting an instrument, or alongside beginning an instrument.


Charlton House
Charlton Road, SE7 8RE
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Autumn term - 12 sessions (Mon 9th Sept - Sun 8th Dec)
Mondays  4.50 - 5.35pm • Level 1 • £106.50
Saturdays  11.30 - 12.15pm • Level 1 • £119.00
Saturdays  2.00 - 2.45pm • Level 2 • £119.00
No lessons on bank holidays or during half term, 21st Oct - 27th Oct

Requirements - for children aged 5 or 6 at point of enrolment.
Level 1 suitable for those with no experience, those learning an instrument, and those continuing term to term.
Level 2 is suitable for children who have completed at least 12 sessions at Level 1, or by audition.

Tutor - Fiona Long

Photos by Andreas Grieger

More about the course

A unique opportunity for musical development, directed by progression and learning expert Bethan Scolding.

Our Musicianship course provides engaging, comprehensive music learning, in a way that isn’t possible in instrument-focussed lessons - children develop core musical understanding of concepts such as pulse, rhythm, pitch and melody, aural skills, technical control, musical creativity, notation skills,  confidence, inner hearing, singing voice and communication and ensemble skills, through progressing activities involving percussion instruments, singing, composing and other activities. 
Learning in this way will often give a stronger foundation in music than would spending the same amount of time learning an instrument, and this foundation helps children to make faster progress once they do later begin learning an instrument.  

Thank you for putting on such an enjoyable concert last night. I really enjoyed it and it gave my boys a real boost.
— Ali, parent of children in Musicianship and Children's Choir

The course draws on Kodály and Dalcroze music education methods and has been developed through wide research and extensive practical experience of teaching students from first beginnings through to grade 8 and beyond.

  • Develop musical understanding and creativity which will make learning an instrument more rewarding and enjoyable

  • Refine aural skills, singing, and music literacy

  • Gain confidence improvising and creating music as part of a group

  • Develop expression and confidence performing

  • Have fun making music - and making friends!

Suitable for absolute beginners or for those who have started learning an instrument.