Meet the tutor: Olivia Fraser

Olivia Fraser

Hi! I’m Olivia and I work for Greenwich Music School as an Early-Years Teacher. I run weekly classes for children ages 0-4 and their parents/carers at Mycenae House.

I began my musical training when I was in primary school and I joined the local choir, I then went on to have lessons in violin, piano and finally oboe. Fast forward 12 years and now I’m studying for an MA in music performance! Music has always been my biggest passion and I’ve been lucky to play with some of London’s top professional orchestras.

Alongside performing, I’ve found my other passion in life…teaching! I LOVE teaching music and I find working in Early-Years education particularly rewarding. Children and babies are by far the best audience I perform for and it’s wonderful to see their eyes widen when I play my oboe! I love introducing the foundations of music by exploring instruments and using our voices and imaginations to go on a musical journey each week. It’s so valuable to be exposed to music from a young age and being familiar with the foundations of music puts children in the best position for taking up an instrument when they are older!

One of my favourite pieces to listen to is Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens. There’s so much variety in the piece because each movement depicts a different animal. This makes it a really great piece to listen to with children. I use this piece a lot in my classes and my favourite movements are “The Aquarium” and “The Elephant.”

You can listen to me playing oboe at

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