Your child is already a musician!

As a registered charity and centre of excellence in music education, we help each child to discover and grow a life-long relationship with music.

Our high quality weekly music classes for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school beginners form a curriculum which progresses through to school age and beyond.



15:05 Family Music 0-3 Charlton House
16:00 Fourtissimo! 4
16:40 Musicianship 5 & 6
9:30 Songs & Sounds 9mo-2 Mycenae House
10:30 Family Music 0-3
9:30 Songs & Sounds 9mo-2 Charlton House
10:30 Music Makers 2 & 3
09:30 Fourtissimo! 4 Charlton House
10:30 Music Makers 2 & 3
11:30 Musicianship 5 & 6
13:30 Songs & Sounds 9mo-2

Monday 10th September - Sunday 9th December
(half term: Mon 22nd - Sun 28th Oct)

Term (12 classes) - £93.60
Half term (6 classes) - £50.40
Trial class - £11

Join part-way through the term if there's space!

We absolutely love the classes. I can see how they focus on building a foundation of musical skills that will make learning to play an instrument later on easier. My daughter loves exploring different rhythms, instruments and songs and I love seeing how much she has developed in the last 7 months!
— Diana
I did enjoy very much the Song & Sounds course! Fiona was perfect! So kind and so professional.
— Emily

Family Music, Cradlesongs & events

Ages 0-5

Songs & Sounds

9 months - 2 years

Music Makers

2 & 3 years


4 years


What makes our classes special?


Each carefully structured class includes engaging, carefully chosen songs, stimulating musical activities, and music-based interaction.

Activities develop through the term as part of a curriculum which progresses through to school age and beyond. Learn more.

Our industry-leading tutors have a passion for early years education and are experts in music and teaching.

They understand just how much your little one can achieve, how music skills develop, and know how to encourage children’s natural musicality. Learn more.


Songs from Greenwich Early Years Music

Listen to song videos
from Greenwich Early Years Music



Classes take place at Charlton House and Mycenae House.

Each of these sociable, child-friendly venues has gardens, a cafe, parking and plenty of space to play!


Greenwich Early Years Music - classes for babies, toddlers and young children.
We provide a real foundation in music.