High quality music education

Children are born musical!

We help each child to discover and grow a life-long relationship with music.


Songs & Sounds

9 months - 2 years

Music Makers

2 & 3 years


4 years

Events & special classes

Ages 0-5



Classes take place at Charlton House and Mycenae House.
Both of these sociable, child-friendly venues have gardens, a cafe, parking and plenty of space - ideal for a whole morning out!

We absolutely the classes. I can see how they focus on building a foundation of musical skills that will make learning to play an instrument later on easier. My daughter loves exploring different rhythms, instruments and songs and I love seeing how much she has developed in the last 7 months!
— Diana

Greenwich Early Years Music - classes for babies, toddlers and young children, that provide a real foundation in music.