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One-to-one music lessons in cello, clarinet, composition, flute, guitar, piano, singing or violin, for adults and children

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"The lessons feel very focussed on the individual. These are not cookie-cutter lesson plans. Leia’s lessons are completely tailored to her needs. She is praised and encouraged to try new things each week and she loves the challenge!

Leia has gained a self confidence that allows her to express herself without feeling at all self-conscious or worrying that she might get it wrong and her creativity is flourishing."
- Debbie, parent


Why Greenwich Music School?

  • Crafted individual curriculum for each student.
  • High-quality music lessons from expert tutors, who are at once professional musicians and dedicated teachers.
  • Tuition for all ages and all levels, from beginners to professional coaching.
  • Performance opportunities every term.
  • Additional support available, including aural skills support classes and accompanists for exams and performances.
  • Option to enter exams, festivals and competitions.

"Dylan has enjoyed his lessons, the perfect mix of patience, tenacity and fun! You have a lovely way with children, engaging them in learning in a fun way"
- parent


Our tutors


"I have found my lessons to be  hugely enjoyable, completely fascinating, and never dull! Even when I find something difficult to grasp, or when I make a mistake, I am never made to feel foolish . At the same time,  I always feel comfortable about asking questions, even if I have asked the same question many times before. The studio in Vanbrugh  Hill is very spacious and light, with a beautiful grand piano, and an ample work area."
- Sarah, adult student


How does it work?

  • First we arrange a trial lesson. After that, lessons are booked for a fixed day and time, each week or fortnight, for the term in advance (11 to 12 weeks).
    This continues until you give us notice to stop or change lesson time/day, at least one month before the end of the preceding term.
  • Tuition fees:

  • Peak times (weekdays from 3.30pm, all weekend):
      30 mins £23.00 • 45 mins £34.10 • 60 mins £45.15
    Shared lessons, per student:
      30 mins £15.10 • 45 mins £19.10
  • Off-peak times (weekdays before 3.30pm):
      30 mins £20.70 • 45 mins £30.69 • 60 mins £40.64
    Shared lessons, per student:
      30mins £13.59, 45mins £17.19.
  • We offer discounts for third and fourth family members, and on fees for group courses for those enrolled for instrument/voice lessons with us. Find out more.
  • We also offer one-off consultation and coaching sessions.

"Bethan has a unique ability; she really is one of a kind. In addition to being an accomplished musician in her own right, Bethan Scolding is a truly inspirational teacher."
- Saira, adult student


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