Saturday Music: Production and Rock

Songwriting, theory, rock band and music production courses, plus one to one lessons - all taught by leading professional musicians.

  • Musician playing drums
    Ages 7+ or 13+

    Rock Band

    Autumn 2021: Thomas Tallis School

    Play rock and pop music in bands, performing each term and learning the music you love.Groups suitable for beginners, and those learning an instrument/voice.

  • School years 3-9 (ages 7-14+)

    Music Theory

    Autumn 2021: Thomas Tallis School

    Learn music theory through activities, musical examples and listening. We’ll build an understanding of music theory principles and how they relate to the music we hear and play, working towards exams up to grade 5.

  • Age: 12-17 years old

    Songwriting & production

    Autumn 2021: Thomas Tallis School

    Get creative with your instrument or singing skills! Work together and individually with our mentors to create songs, compositions and arrangements using online music production software (cost included).  

  • Age: 5 - 18 years old

    One-to-One Lessons

    Individual tuition in an instrument or voice, with an expert teacher at Greenwich Music School.