Introduction to Dalcroze in Advanced Performance

A two-part course for performers, teachers, and music students.

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The Forum, Trafalgar Road, Greenwich SE10 9EQ
Naomi Burrell
No previous movement experience necessary.

More about the course

Over two sessions, violinist Naomi Burrell and the course participants will explore how Jacques Dalcroze's revolutionary process can enhance performance and preparation, using as models Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 and new work Ring-time by Sally Beamish.

Session 1: Introduction to Dalcroze 10.30am-1pm

The session will cover:

An exploration of the main Dalcroze principals. Explore sound through movement, learning to free the body, and engaging the body as an instrument – working with Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 and Beamish Ring-time.

Session 2:  Application of Dalcroze to repertoire and performance

The session will cover:

This session will explore the Beamish and Bach further and provide an opportunity for students to bring their own repertoire.  Repertoire will be approached through a variety of Dalcroze principals, to offer fresh insights to the music and discover how the application of Dalcroze to repertoire can offer depth and inspiration to both rehearsal and performance.

Dalcroze is a powerful route to developing deeper musicality and creative expression through whole body movement.  The approach offers musicians of any age, stage or discipline a way to enhance and enrich their skills.

Read Naomi's blog about Dalcroze.

Participants can expect to:

  • reconsider your approach to a musical score
  • strengthen musical idea, conviction, depth of musical vision.
  • refresh and deepen your understanding of pulse and rhythm
  • gain mental focus and increased social flexibility
  • reconnect with natural movement and gain physical freedom and vocabulary
  • engage with musical expression and improve your communication as a performer

Course requirements: No previous movement experience necessary.