Choosing an instrument: piano & keyboard

If you're starting to learn piano, deciding on your first instrument can be a difficult challenge! Here are the main options.  

To learn piano you will need an acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard to practice on, and will need to set aside around 20 mins each day for practice. A variety of options are suitable for a beginner instrument.


Acoustic piano

Acoustic piano

Can be bought new from around £1500, or hired from a piano shop from £40 per month. Please note there will normally be a significant delivery cost on top of this. A good acoustic piano will last an entire music education.

Digital piano

Digital piano

Can be bought new from around £220 - £6000, or bought second hand. These are the next best thing to an acoustic piano, aiming to mimic the sound and feel of a real piano. Will last the first few years of playing, or much more for more advanced models.

Example: SDP-2 Stage PianoYamaha's Arius or Clavinova ranges.

Electronic keyboard


Can be bought new from around £50. Are shorter than a real piano and don’t mimic the feel. A good keyboard will be “touch sensitive” (plays louder or softer depending on how much you press they keys), important for children to explore loud and soft playing.

This should last around 9 to 12 months from your first lesson and should then be replaced with a digital or acoustic piano to allow further progress.

Examples: Yamaha PSR E363 (touch sensitive), Casio CTK-2300 (not touch sensitive), MK-1000 (budget)