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Caitríona is a classically trained, multi-instrumental musician who has been teaching music to children for over 7 years.

Her own musical education began in her native Ireland as a young child, where she received formal training through the Royal Irish Academy of Music. There she undertook extensive study in her primary instruments the harp and piano, whilst also graduating from the London College of Music’s Classical singing programme.

Her further studies extended to studying the theory of music with the Victoria College of Music before choosing Music as her primary degree subject in her tertiary studies in her hometown of Limerick.

Caitríona has applied her classical training to teaching young children since she qualified as a primary school teacher in 2012 and was Head of Musical Education at her last school in Ireland. Her highlights there include composing a commemorative song performed by the entire school for the Easter Rebellion Centenary Celebration and conducting her school choir in the PeaceProms, a cross-border peace initiative in Ireland.

Caitríona advanced her training in the teaching of music with a Diploma in Community and Group Music Teaching from the Royal Irish Academy of Music in 2016.

Her leading passions include learning new instruments (recently the guitar and flute), the cross-curricular link between visual art and music and teaching using the Kodály methodology.

She moved to London in 2016 and is excited to begin her association with the Greenwich School of Music from April 2017.

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