Teacher, Early Years and Musicianship Lead

Fiona Long

BEd (Hons) Mus

Fiona is the Early Years and Musicianship Lead at Greenwich Music School.

Fiona is passionate about music education and about bringing joy to others through music. She has over 20 years teaching experience with a wide range of ages in a variety of contexts. She is passionate about working musically with families with young children, encouraging them to explore and make music together, helping to develop their innate musicality. She believes that musical learning that starts in the early years has the potential to build good quality foundations for further musical development. She is excited to be part of a team that wants “to teach for long-term, meaningful impact.” (Greenwich Music School) As a freelance early years music practitioner, Fiona also runs family music sessions for early years children with their parents/carers in Essex.

As well has her teaching degree and music qualifications, Fiona holds a Certificate of Professional Practice in the Kodály Concept of Music Education, Early Childhood. Elements of this approach inspire her music education practice and convince her of the importance of singing and movement in developing musical skills.  

Fiona also teaches the flute, and loves singing, playing the flute, piano, organ and recorders. In the church in which she is involved, she plays flute, organ, piano and sings for worship. She also plays in a flute choir and recorder group and sings in a chamber choir. Fiona is a member of Sound Sense and the British Kodály Academy.