Conducting workshop for teachers with Denise Ham

Group size: 4-6 (half day) or 4-12 (full day)

Experience required: Grade 6+ with experience or interest in leading school music groups

Duration: 1/2 to 1 day

Spaces & resources required: Large room, one piano, music stands

Objectives: Develop conducting skills to engage and communicate with pupil ensembles and choirs at all levels.

Activity: Denise Ham has an international reputation for teaching conducting at all levels – from beginners to advanced students. The technique she teaches can enable the conductor to communicate effectively and confidently through gesture to any ensemble, whether amateur or professional, instrumental or vocal. Her instructional DVD “The Craft of Conducting” has a worldwide market.

In addition to a group technical session and individual training conducting one or two pianists, the workshop may be tailored with:
• a particular focus, for example on choral conducting or a set work on the GCSE, A-level or degree syllabus
• opportunities for pupils/students to participate
• participation of the school ensemble or choir, or a professional ensemble.

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