Music for Film

Age: 13-18

Group size: 2 to 15

Experience required: Grade 3+

Duration: 1 to 2 days, or 5 x 1hr

Spaces & resources required: One computer (with sequencing software, keyboard, headphones) per student or pair of students

Objectives: Learn about and compose music communicating drama and atmosphere for film

Activity: Compose music to transform film, intensifying action, describing characters, telling the story and creating atmosphere, mood and setting. Students study clips with music, learn tools and techniques and apply these to create their own soundtracks to provided clips.

Links to national curriculum, qualification or other relevant benefits:
National Curriculum Key stage 3 content:
• improvise and compose; and extend and develop musical ideas by drawing on a range of musical structures, styles, genres and traditions
• identify and use the inter-related dimensions of music expressively and with increasing sophistication, including use of tonalities, different types of scales and other musical devices
• develop a deepening understanding of the music that they perform and to which they listen, and its history.
GCSE: AQA Unit 1 B, Unit 2, Unit 4, Edexcel Unit 2, OCR AoS 4 in Units B354, B352 and B353.
A-level: AQA Unit 2 B or C, Unit 3 (e)(f), Unit 5 B or C, Unit 6 (b)(c), Edexcel Unit 2 Topics 1 & 2, Unit 5 Topic 3, 1 & 2, Unit 6 Applied Music, OCR Unit G355 Section B, Unit G356 Section B.
ABRSM / TCL: theory grades 3-5: composing, time signatures, performance directions, chords, instruments

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