What can you do to help your child?

Take the music home!

Making singing a part of your home routine, and encouraging children to explore sounds as they play, are fantastic ways to support their musical development. You might have a “tidy up” song or favourite bedtime lullaby, or get out the pots and pans and see what sounds you can make!

We aim to give you lots of ideas to carry on making music at home between classes. We provide songsheets with words to songs from our classes, and you can also find videos of our songs on the Greenwich Music School YouTube playlist.

Let us know your favourite songs to sing at home and, if we don’t already sing them, we’ll include them in our class!

Join in!

Children learn by imitating and copying the people they love most. So the more you can join in with activities and songs in our class, the more they will gain the confidence to try things out for themselves.

In our classes for 0-3s parents and carers take an active part in the class so please  come along ready to take part in actions, songs, and play instruments. The tutor will guide everyone on ways to join in and tutors are always ready to answer questions too!

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t focus for some songs or prefers to sit back and watch – we know that young children need freedom to participate (or not!) in whatever way they are comfortable – but the more their parents and carers join in, the more they will feel able to have a go themselves.

Attend regularly

Children make the most exciting progress over a number of weeks or months as they get familiar with songs and activities, learning new skills and gaining increasing confidence to sing, move and play. Stick with it and we’re confident you will love seeing the progress that they make!

In Fourtissimo!, regular attendance is essential for the children to progress together as a class, so please help us to deliver the very best teaching by attending regularly.