Instrument safety and supervision 0-3s

In our classes for 0-3s, parents and carers are responsible for the safety of their children. By attending classes, you are confirming that you accept responsibility for the supervision of your child throughout the class. 

We use a variety of instruments in our classes. However, these are not designed for unsupervised use. By attending our classes you consent to supervising your child in the use of these instruments, keeping vigilant of any potential risks, and ensuring they use them safely as directed by the tutor. Instruments must not be thrown and are not suitable for children to put in their mouths. 

Our classes are active and full of movement. As part of this, the tutor may hold children’s hands to help them to join in dances, or make other physical contact appropriate to the activity or song. By attending our classes you consent to this. We believe the safety and wellbeing of children is paramount. Therefore, our tutors will remove instruments from children’s mouths or stop them leaving the room unsupervised if they observe this happening and speedy action is required. However, primary liability for children’s safety lies with their parent or carer. 

Supervision in Fourtissimo!

Children participate in Fourtissimo! independently, without direct involvement from their parents and carers. However, we know that children of this age need to feel comfortable and confident in a new class. We welcome parents and carers who wish to sit in on the first few sessions to help their child settle. For children who are not yet attending nursery or school, we ask that a parent or carer is present until the tutor is satisfied that your child will be confident attending the session independently. Should a child require extra support to participate, the tutor may ask parents and carers to remain for some or all of the session at any point during the term. 

Please ensure that you remain on or near the premises for the duration of the class and give the tutor a mobile number to contact you on in case of emergency. Please help us minimise interruptions to the class as well by reminding your child to go to the toilet before the class begins.