Reviews and testimonials about Greenwich Early Years Music classes


“At GMS they have a fantastic method of teaching music to toddlers, we are so lucky to have found them! Alba really enjoys exploring and playing instruments, singing and dancing. We use our imaginations a lot in class, have learned many new songs and are now familiar with loads of different instruments. I like that there are different classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with adapted activities for each age range, which I find really important at this early stage, and also that our teacher is a professional musician and has a fantastic voice.”
- Olga

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“Unlike the other activities I do with my daughter, Cradlesongs is something I enjoy just as much as she does. I love having the opportunity to do a bit of singing every week, and the breathing exercises in particular bring me some much needed relaxation. Eleanor is a warm and enthusiastic teacher and makes us all feel comfortable. The class has also widened the repertoire of songs I sing at home to my daughter.”
- Lauren


Songs and Sounds is definitely one of our weekly highlights. Bethan is a wonderful teacher who tweaks each class for a session of fun and full engagement. There are so many benefits to early childhood music education and I would definitely recommend GMS to anyone looking for their kid's first music class.”
- Andrea


“My little girl has been going to Greenwich Music School since she’s 11 months and we absolutely love Bethan and her classes. Differently to other baby sensory and sing-along classes, I can see how they focus on building a foundation of musical skills that will make learning to play an instrument later on easier. She loves exploring different rythms, instruments and songs with Bethan and I love seeing how much she has developed in the last 7 months!”
- Diana


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