Woodwind Explorers (ages 6 & 7)

Recorder Stars - learn recorder in a group

Explore the world of wind instruments! Have fun learning core music skills, start learning to read music, and learn how to play recorder - whilst also exploring different instruments such as flute and clarinet.


Vanbrugh Studio
137 Vanbrugh Hill, Greenwich SE10 9HP
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Wednesdays  4.15pm - 5.00pm

For children aged 5 (by audition), 6 or 7.
For those with no experience and those continuing term to term.

Tutor - Katie Sazanova

He really enjoys his lessons and I’m so impressed with how much he’s learnt.
— Katharine, parent (Woodwind Explorers)

Course description

In Woodwind Explorers, children will learn how to play recorder whilst also exploring different woodwind instruments including flute and clarinet. It is an ideal opportunity to get an early taster of woodwind instruments which, due to the complexity of technique required, are best begun in earnest at age 7-8.

In this class, children develop their musicianship through songs and games, learn how to read and interpret music notation, perform a variety of music as a soloist and as part of the group, and compose and improvise their own music. With access to Greenwich Music School’s learner flute and clarinets, specially modified for young beginners, they also have a chance to explore these instruments and see which they might like to take further at the end of the course.

Short weekly practice tasks are set, so children start to build a regular practice routine from the outset, helping them to make enjoyable progress and preparing them for the regular practice needed to master an instrument.

Please note: all students will need a descant recorder to take part in this class

We recommend either Yamaha Descant Recorder (YRS24BUK) or Aulos Descant Recorder (303N).

You are welcome to buy your own, or you can order one from us for £12 when you book the course. Please note it can take up to 5 working days for the recorder to arrive.