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 Guitar with Greenwich Music School

Day and time: Fridays, 6.30pm-7.15pm (grade 2+)
Cost: £144 for Autumn term 2018 (12 sessions)
Venue: Charlton House, Charlton Road, London, SE7 8RE.
Leader: Paul Evernden  

Theory Studio is a weekly class for adults to work on music theory, harmony or composition in a group setting.

The course is flexible across many levels of experience, with each student generally focussing on their own work - whether preparing for an ABRSM music theory grade exam, arranging a song for choir, experimenting with composition, or studying harmony.  

During the class the tutor will circulate to give individual support, and address the group when it would be helpful for everyone to learn more about something - for example notating triplets, or identifying cadences.

The class is suitable for those working from grade 2 to undergraduate level theory and composition.

For ages 16+

  • Prepare for ABRSM or Trinity College London music theory music exams

  • Consolidate understanding of notation and theory

  • Learn about what's happening behind the notes you play!

  • Arrange music for different instruments, voices and ensembles

  • Develop and refine composition techniques

  • Learn about harmony and counterpoint at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels

  • Learn from an active composer with a degree in composition from one of the major London music colleges.