Music Makers

for 2 year olds & 3 year olds

Music Makers

Music Makers is the high-quality course for toddlers aged 2 and 3 years, from Greenwich Music School - a registered charity and centre of excellence in music education.

These classes offer meaningful development for your child. Each session forms part of curriculum informed by the latest academic studies and understanding of childhood and musical development, to support your child to develop through each term to school age and beyond.

Our friendly, industry-leading tutors have a passion for early years education and are experts in music and teaching. They understand just how much your little one can achieve, how music skills develop, and know how to encourage children’s natural musicality.

Classes are held in a welcoming, inspiring venue and each session includes live instruments, engaging and carefully chosen songs, stimulating musical activities, and music-based interaction.

You’ll be amazed at how much your child can learn!

A fantastic method of teaching music to toddlers, we are so lucky to have found them!
— Olga

What happens in a Music Makers class?

In these sessions, we’ll be singing songs, exploring rhythm and pulse, and creating music with percussion instruments.

We’ll involve our whole bodies through dance and action songs and we’ll be learning basic musical concepts as we play, such as dynamics (loud and soft), tempo (fast and slow) and pitch (high and low).

Parents and carers take an active part in the class and we have a lot of fun making music together!



Classes take place at Charlton House and Mycenae House
Both of these sociable, child-friendly venues have gardens, a cafe, parking, buggy storage, changing facilities and plenty of space - ideal for a whole morning out!


Progression route  

This class leads from Songs & Sounds, and continues to Fourtissimo!.