High quality music education


What happens - and how you can join in!


What happens in our classes?

  • Our classes are interactive and aim to create simple musical experiences, carefully directed so that toddlers and babies can participate. We sing songs and rhymes, play rhythm and movement games, and explore sounds.
  • There will be some recorded music, but mostly we use our voices and percussion in songs and rhymes that you and your child can continue to explore outside of the class.
  • We explore high and low, fast and slow, loud and quiet, and rhythm and pulse, as well as telling stories and expressing ourselves through music. The tutor may also give short performances on their own instrument.
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How you can join in!

  • Everyone joins in the class, including parents and carers. But there is no right or wrong way to join in!
  • Each activity is a starting point for making music. If the tutor suggest clapping or wiggling, but your baby is in the mood to be gently rocked then go for that instead.
  • Babies just love to hear their parents and carers voices, so please do join in songs once you know them. Even just humming along creates a lovely sound for the babies to listen to. For toddlers, it will give them the confidence to use their singing voice too. If you aren’t in the mood to sing, just tap your knees or clap along instead.