Denise Ham: Classical Music’s Artist of the Month

Our very own Denise Ham is September's Artist of the Month in Classical Music magazine!

Denise Ham
Your starting point is the music and then you acquire the tools you need to convey that to the orchestra by means of gesture, preferably, not by having to make a speech. If you do have to say something to an orchestra, they should already have seen it in the gesture.

Denise is the Course Director of London Conducting Academy, our flagship professional training course for up to eight talented conductors each year. The course takes place at Charlton House in South East London, and is open to observers from Thursday 18 October.

Denise also runs London Conducting Academy Workshop Days, for up to eight musicians to receive training and conduct an ensemble.

A highly regarded teacher of conducting, Denise Ham also created a highly acclaimed video series ‘The Craft of Conducting’ which is available to watch online, at Amazon.

Denise Ham has been a leading teacher of conductors in the UK for decades now and her advice, as is the case with the more enlightened among her colleagues of today, often puts the role of the conductor into this kind of perspective.

Speaking to Toby Deller for the industry publication Classical Music, Denise describes her approach to conducting, her discovery of the orchestra as a 14 year old, and her priorities in teaching.

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