Babies are already musicians! An introduction from Bethan Scolding

Bethan Scolding at Greenwich Early Years Music
Bethan Scolding

Bethan Scolding

A welcome to Greenwich Early Years Music, from founder Bethan Scolding. 

Babies and toddlers are naturally musical and our interactions with them are full of music, even when we don’t realise it. Just think of the extra rise and fall that so many of us use when speaking to them! And when we instinctively bounce a child in fun, or rock them to sooth them, they are experiencing rhythm.

Many toddlers also sing to themselves as part of play and they hear a wide variety of music from the radio and television too. A weekly music class forms a very small part of each child’s musical experience - therefore at Greenwich Early Years Music we don’t teach babies music, they are already musicians! 

We offer the opportunity to come together and explore music, guided by a professional who understands how musical skills develop, and how to encourage children’s natural musicality and confidence making music.